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I'm just getting into making wallpapers for myself and also to give away. I know what resolution my laptop screen has and consequently what resolution to make a wallpaper for my own use. But how do you approach making various resolutions for others? Do you have to remake the wallpaper in different sizes? That seems like a huge pain. But if you don't, then how do you resize it without distorting it? What are the sizes that you make your wallpapers for general use?

Thanks in advance.
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Hey all--

I'm playing around with some banner designs for a comm I run, and someone suggested doing a Warhol-esque version of the black and white variant. Does anyone know how to do that? I can easily modify the background, but the greyscale image of the 'poetree' is much more challenging.

Black & white version:

Larger version behind the cut )

Two different colored backgrounds: (note that the tree remains in greyscale)

How do I selective tint only a portion of a particular layer's tonal range a particular color?

Andy Warhol image behind the cut for illustration of effect I'm talking about )
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I've managed to somehow undock the tool options from the lower half of the toolbar window. I can dock other dialogs there, but I can't get the rassle-frassling tool options dialog to stick back on there (and no, I have no idea how I removed it in the first place -- it was one of those things where my hand slipped and something happened and I went aw crap.)

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling 2.6.11 twice this afternoon, to no avail.

Thoughts, anyone?
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Hello hello. I was creating a banner last night for the Poetry Friending Meme I'm hosting over at [personal profile] jjhunter & was struggling mightily in terms of displaying text boxes (and the text inside) at an angle. What I ended up with is skewed text for the words 'poetry' and 'meme' using the 'Shear' tool:

[image deleted due to link being overwritten by new image - see below]

Is there any way simply to rotate a text at an angle without skewing it?

ETA: Second take.

Poetry Friending Meme

ETA2: apologies for excessive linking on the earlier version of this post - thank you to [personal profile] jana for the reminder about comm rules re: advertising without permission. And thank you everyone else for the assistance -- I'm much happier with the modified image.
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With the new year, I've taken the opportunity to update the community guidelines; from now on, anyone can create and add tags when posting here. This makes it hopefully a bit easier for everyone to tag their posts with appropriate tags, but please take a look at the existing tags before creating a new one. Also, administrators and moderators - just me at the moment - reserve the right to rename, merge and remove tags whenever deemed necessary.

Welcome also to all the new members and subscribers who joined this community in the last couple of weeks. Users of all levels and experience are welcome here, so ask/post away if you have any questions and please take a moment to read the community guidelines. You might also want to fill out the poll I posted a while ago which is intended to be a community resource, a reflection of the community's 'mind & skill state' so to speak. Useful resources, tips and tricks can be found via the community's tag list and link collection.

Feel free to say 'Hi' in the comments if you're new here and also feel free to share any resources etc. you think could be useful for others :)