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Don't know what to do at the moment? Lacking any inspiration? Then try your hand at making your very own Paper Wilber! You can dowload the template here. Cats seem to like Wilber too, so if you're not sure what to do with Paper Wilber, maybe your cat does... :)


In other news:

An upcoming feature in Photoshop is the "Content-Aware Fill", but GIMP users can already do this with the Resynthesizer plugin by Paul Harrison, which is explained more here with a few examples. The plugin allows you, among other things, to remove objects from images.

I've created a new community - [community profile] iconfinder - for people who like me could need some help in finding specific (themed) icons. Relevance for [community profile] gimp_gate? Um, people's search requests can be a great source of inspiration for all you icon makers/gimp users out there when you have no idea what your next batch of icons should feature... ;)
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Le Divan Fumoir Bohémien is a favorite blog of mine. It's a French blog that posts beautiful photography, wallpaper patterns, still life presentations, and so much more, and it will really expand your creative imagination. Even if you don't speak the language this site is well worth a visit.

I found this article about gamma error in picture scaling (via slashdot.org). This article provides a lot of facts and information about image scaling and at the end of it the autor provides also a solution for GIMP, but it is probably not a very interesting read for someone who doesn't know much (or cares) about the theoretical aspects of image manipulation.
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I often go to the Logo of the Day website, both to find inspiration and to laugh over some of the designs :) Because designing a good-looking and meaningful logo is not an easy task, even though it can look deceptively easy on the surface. There is so much to think about, like the message you want to bring across and the kind of emotions you want to evoke in people. It's very similar to designing small desktop or website icons; you want to say as much as possible, but you only have so much space. Very tricky indeed.

So, my question goes to the community: Ever tried your hands on logo or icon design with GIMP? Or is GIMP not the best tool for this kind of creative work? Any thoughts?
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Yet another check-this-out & get-inspired post. It's a beautiful CGI (computer-generated imagery) video clip, and the music accompanying the clip is fantastic too. There is also a Making of for all the skeptics among us who can't believe that none of the shown objects are real...

From the vimeo description: A FULL-CG animated piece that tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view where main subjects are already-built spaces. Sometimes in an abstract way. Sometimes surreal.

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

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I've come across the creativeNerds blog where you can get inspiration and ideas for graphic design and web design. Recently, for instance, they posted the 50 Best Free Fonts From 2009. It's worth checking out.