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Hello! I want to make myself an icon along the lines of the pretty-coloured text ones that [personal profile] blnchflr did a tutorial for, but I've run across a small problem.

I'm using GIMP 2.6.7 on OS X 10.6.2, and I cannot get the text tool to let me type in pinyin, nor can I get it to admit that I have Chinese fonts installed. Has anyone here got any experience in making this work?

Edited to add: Sorted thanks to [personal profile] ewx and [personal profile] dragonwolf (see comments).
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This tutorial is aimed at Gimp novices. It is my first tutorial, un-betaed, and I welcome feedback!

The font I'm using is Amadeus, but you can choose any font you like. (For Ubuntu font newbies = me 2 weeks ago: Installing fonts in Ubuntu.)

Creating an icon in Gimp with transparent background and gradient-colored text )

I'm not a Gimp expert, but I'm happy to help if I can: ask if you get stuck or have questions :o)
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I've been going through my bookmarks and found a few useful tutorials that are posted over at [community profile] graphic_tutorials (the community seems to be dormant though, since it has not been updated in quite a while). Here are three examples, but you can find a few more via the GIMP tag.

Animated Video Icons and Animated Text Tutorial by [personal profile] htbthomas

A Comprehensive Text Tutorial by [personal profile] rizny [different methods of using text, effects to make text look better or more readable, etc.]