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I'm looking for good comic art tutorials, preferably for GIMP or Inkscape. I also want to try my hands on an animated mood theme, but I don't really know how to do this in GIMP. If anyone could recommend some good tutorials or websites with useful tips, that would be awesome. Beginner, intermediate or advanced level, I take everything :)
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Inkscape, an open source vector graphics editor application, similar to Adobe Illustrator, has been added to the community's domain of interest since users (including myself) have expressed interest in the application (read updated community rules). Of course, we could simply create a community for Inkscape users, but GIMP and Inkscape are very similar in function and performance, and sometimes used complementary. I also agree with [personal profile] foxfirefey -- it's better to contribute to an active community than create a brand new community that wouldn't have as many people.

One thing remains the same, though: users of all levels and experience are welcome here. I'll also create tags for GIMP and Inkscape so that's easier for you to subscribe to specific topics (in case you're not interested in Inkscape related posts).

But what about the community name? Should we stick with [community profile] gimp_gate, or should we change it to [profile] gimpscape (as soon as rename tokens are available)? The latter is, as you probably can see, a combination of GIMP and Inkscape whereas the community's current name only highlights GIMP. What do you think?

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Should we change the community name?

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I have no opinion.
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I don't know how people feel about me posting a link to Inkscape tutorials here, but I figure that since Inkscape is an open source vector image editor, it's pretty similar in spirit--the GIMP just isn't the right tool for vector art. Not to mention that [community profile] gimp_gate has Inkscape listed in its interests! Here it is:

Very Simple Design -- Inkscape Tutorials