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When you try to combine two images from different sources, how to make the pasting seem more seamless? Example: What can I do to make this icon more natural?
Angel Sanctuary

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GIMP 2.6 on Mac OS X seems to be unable to open photos taken on a Nokia N900. When I try to open one (e.g. this one [1.3MB download]), GIMP hangs and a ufraw-gimp process starts consuming all my CPU until I kill it. This isn't just me being impatient — I let it sit there for over five minutes and it never managed to open it.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?

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How do I remove flash light reflections in a person's eyes and her glasses? I've googled a bit around, but didn't find a good answer; most tips focus on how one can remove red eyes. Any help is greatly appreciated!