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Hey all--

I'm playing around with some banner designs for a comm I run, and someone suggested doing a Warhol-esque version of the black and white variant. Does anyone know how to do that? I can easily modify the background, but the greyscale image of the 'poetree' is much more challenging.

Black & white version:

Larger version behind the cut )

Two different colored backgrounds: (note that the tree remains in greyscale)

How do I selective tint only a portion of a particular layer's tonal range a particular color?

Andy Warhol image behind the cut for illustration of effect I'm talking about )
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With the new year, I've taken the opportunity to update the community guidelines; from now on, anyone can create and add tags when posting here. This makes it hopefully a bit easier for everyone to tag their posts with appropriate tags, but please take a look at the existing tags before creating a new one. Also, administrators and moderators - just me at the moment - reserve the right to rename, merge and remove tags whenever deemed necessary.

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I've seen some gorgeous photo manips where the artist adjusts for the effects of different types of lighting in different pieces of the source material. What are some good ways to do that? In the collage I created under the cut, I used 'Adjust Hue / Lightness / Saturation' under 'Colors' to, e.g., lower the saturation of both cyan and 'master' in the 'TARDIS console' layer. I was essentially matching it on the fly by eye, but I'm curious whether there's some use of, say, the eyedropper tool en masse to get a sense of the general color balance patterns

Other techniques I used include reduced opacity erasing to an alpha channel (dollhouse and sleeping man layers); duplication, rotation, and movement of the Sagrada Familia layer (Gaudí cathedral); and merge down (Escher layer to dollhouse layer).

Living Under Imaginary Roofs )

jjhunter: Watercolor of daisy with blue dots zooming around it like Bohr model electrons (i make icons now)
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Hey all--

First time posting here, and I'm a novice GIMP-user to boot! For the image under the cut, I used clone stamp (to remove shoes), lighting effects (changed intensity to darken central image), reduced opacity paintbrush (to 'paint' in ghost), and merge layers (to add ghost layer to central image). I really struggled with how best to create the ghost, however, and was wondering if anyone had any advice re: favorite tools/techniques, etc. for meshing your own art with photo manipulation.

Ghost In the Sky: width = 1000 pixels )
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I'm looking for good comic art tutorials, preferably for GIMP or Inkscape. I also want to try my hands on an animated mood theme, but I don't really know how to do this in GIMP. If anyone could recommend some good tutorials or websites with useful tips, that would be awesome. Beginner, intermediate or advanced level, I take everything :)