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[personal profile] kake has asked for a basic tutorial explaining how you can blank out areas from a picture (e.g., with rectangle select and bucket fill). Let me know if anything's unclear in this tutorial, or in case I missed something. Click on images for full size.

I had huge trouble uploading the images earlier, but luckily [personal profile] t_fischer has helped me out...

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When I saw this cheat sheet for Photoshop keyboard shortcuts a few weeks ago, I thought it would be neat if we'd have something similar for The GIMP. The closest thing is probably the hotkey list over at gimpusers.com, but it's just that - a list (one that came in very handy when I made this cheat sheet, I might add ^^)

The cheat sheet is vector-based so that you can re-size it without any quality loss. This means no GIMP was used for the GIMP cheat sheet ;) Or any other (vector) graphic software. I used LaTeX and TikZ to create it.Good to know )

I hope you find it useful, and all feedback - even what doesn't work for you - is very much appreciated!
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I'm sure most of you have already heard about the DW anniversary party that's organized by [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw and that starts Monday, April 26. My question is what awesome things we could or should do here at [community profile] gimp_gate to join the festivities. Any ideas or suggestions? What would you like to see here during the fest?

I'm aware that lots of communities would love if you'd create content for the fest and I can see how the whole thing might get overwhelming fast... So, no pressure here. Also, you're more than welcome to post here even if you don't want your content to be "DW only".
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In case you haven't heard yet, [personal profile] erda is running Three Weeks for Dreamwidh in celebration of Dreamwitdh's one-year anniversary (the start date for the fest is planned to be Monday, April 26). The idea is that participants post content specifically produced for the fest only on DW - for three weeks from the posting date. After that time you can post it wherever you want (and, yes, you can continue posting your regular content as you like). If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the fest, please comment on [personal profile] erda's entry.

So, let's celebrate this together! I'll participate, too :) And speaking of creating content, here is a great collection of (gimp) brushes to look for inspiration...