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Hey all--

I'm playing around with some banner designs for a comm I run, and someone suggested doing a Warhol-esque version of the black and white variant. Does anyone know how to do that? I can easily modify the background, but the greyscale image of the 'poetree' is much more challenging.

Black & white version:

Larger version behind the cut )

Two different colored backgrounds: (note that the tree remains in greyscale)

How do I selective tint only a portion of a particular layer's tonal range a particular color?

Andy Warhol image behind the cut for illustration of effect I'm talking about )
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I've managed to somehow undock the tool options from the lower half of the toolbar window. I can dock other dialogs there, but I can't get the rassle-frassling tool options dialog to stick back on there (and no, I have no idea how I removed it in the first place -- it was one of those things where my hand slipped and something happened and I went aw crap.)

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling 2.6.11 twice this afternoon, to no avail.

Thoughts, anyone?
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Gimp used to start with the regular black foreground, white background color setting. At one point I must have done something without realizing, because now whenever I start the foreground color is set to a light pink. I want it to be black again, but I don't know how I get that reset. I tried picking black and then closing Gimp, but as soon as I start the program it switched back to the pink color. Where can I make it remember the default color selection?
ratcreature: RatCreature begs: Please? (please?)
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I created an artwork last November, which is one in a series. It used a particular font, but I can't remember what that font was. Unfortunately that was created on my now dead, previous laptop. I now want to make a new artwork in the series and need to use the same font, but it apparently wasn't one of the standard fonts (though I'm sure it was a free font), because when I open the old XCF file, Gimp does not display the name of the font, but it is blank. Is there a way to get the name of the font I'm now missing from that old file so that I can download the font again?
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When you try to combine two images from different sources, how to make the pasting seem more seamless? Example: What can I do to make this icon more natural?
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