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[personal profile] kake has asked for a basic tutorial explaining how you can blank out areas from a picture (e.g., with rectangle select and bucket fill). Let me know if anything's unclear in this tutorial, or in case I missed something. Click on images for full size.

I had huge trouble uploading the images earlier, but luckily [personal profile] t_fischer has helped me out...

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I've just posted this tutorial on my DW account http://alex-beecroft.dreamwidth.org/120558.html
It assumes a sort of intermediate level of knowledge with the Gimp already, but I thought I would share it here in case anyone found it interesting.

I'm very glad to have been directed here by [personal profile] darkemeralds and am off to check out the other tutorials straight away.  Thanks!

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I've seen that people have started subscribing to this community, so welcome everyone! I hope you enjoy this community and find lots of opportunities to share your GIMP love with other users.

As I've mentioned in an earlier post, I don't have much time at the moment to devote to this project as I would like, but I'll try to make weekly posts here, and I'll also try to add more useful stuff to the delicious link collection (I'm open for suggestions!). Anyway, this is a community, so feel free to post your own questions, ideas, thoughts, challenges and more -- as long as it's somehow related to The GIMP ^^

And here are the promised photo editing tricks: 10 Sweet GIMP Photo Editing Tricks to Wean You Off Photoshop. This is a post that goes out to people who might not know about GIMP, or think it's nothing like Photoshop, but obviously this kind of post is quite useful for GIMP users, too. It covers 1) photo batch processing, 2) how you can sharpen photos, 3) how you can make your own brushes, 4) how you can make a lightsaber, 5) how you can create a swirly wallpaper or water drop effect, 6) how you can create an explosion in outer space, 7) how you can convert photos to sketches, 8) how you can mix black & white with color, 9) how you can convert photos to neon, and 10) how you can draw graffiti.

EDIT: Added a list of the things the article covers (some of you might want to know before you click on the link...)