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Today, it's fairly easy to make LOLcat macros with online tools such as roflbot or the ICHC LolBuilder, but they both leave a somewhat unsightly looking watermark to the picture advertising how it was made.

Fortunately, it's easy to recreate the effect in the GIMP! Today I'll be showing you how to make this image:

A cat macro created in the GIMP showing a cat's tail naturally lying in a spiral. Text in the lower-right corner reads 'DREAMWIDTH'.

This howto is aimed at beginners to the GIMP, so a lot of steps will be explained that may not otherwise be.

(I apologise in advance that the PNG images in this tutorial have JPEG artifacts; that's due to the way I'm using the GIMP, not due to any lack of knowledge of how to take clean shots on my part.)

How to: Make your own LOLcat macros )

Hopefully this helps somebody :D Take care!
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This tutorial is aimed at Gimp novices. It is my first tutorial, un-betaed, and I welcome feedback!

The font I'm using is Amadeus, but you can choose any font you like. (For Ubuntu font newbies = me 2 weeks ago: Installing fonts in Ubuntu.)

Creating an icon in Gimp with transparent background and gradient-colored text )

I'm not a Gimp expert, but I'm happy to help if I can: ask if you get stuck or have questions :o)
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I've been going through my bookmarks and found a few useful tutorials that are posted over at [community profile] graphic_tutorials (the community seems to be dormant though, since it has not been updated in quite a while). Here are three examples, but you can find a few more via the GIMP tag.

Animated Video Icons and Animated Text Tutorial by [personal profile] htbthomas

A Comprehensive Text Tutorial by [personal profile] rizny [different methods of using text, effects to make text look better or more readable, etc.]