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  1. Posts and discussion should be limited to The GIMP, Inkscape and related topics. You're welcome to post (links to) tutorials, tips & tricks, news, challenges, resources, and questions you might have about the programs. "Translations" of Photoshop & Illustrator tutorials are welcome too (remember to include a back-link to the original tutorial), and so are posts intended to feed the muse and fuel creative inspiration.

  2. This is an open community. Please don't disable comments when you post here, and don't restrict access to your posts or require people to join your site if you post, e.g., a tutorial elsewhere.

  3. No advertising without permission from the administrator or moderator(s). Of course, you're welcome to post about cool (related) websites, but then you should also tell us what's so cool about them and, more importantly, why they might be useful.

  4. This is not an icon or digital art community. If you want to share your graphics with us, you should also tell us something about how you used GIMP and/or Inkscape to create them.

  5. Use cuts. Longer posts and images larger than 350x250 pixels should be placed under a cut. Please read the FAQs if you don't know how to do it.

  6. Tag your posts with appropriate tags. Anyone can create new tags, but administrators/moderators reserve the right to rename, merge and remove tags whenever deemed necessary. Please take a look at the existing tags before creating a new one and make also sure you add the GIMP and/or Inkscape tag to your post so that's easier for other users to subscribe to specific topics (in case one is not interested in GIMP or Inkscape related posts).

  7. The content of this community is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License, unless noted otherwise.

    Please be clear about the terms of use in case you can't or don't want to share your (art)work under the same creative commons license; you can find out more over at www.creativecommons.org

  8. Read, post and have fun!

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