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...has no grounding in reality, methinks. Especially when 2.8 is involved.

I just finished my latest coloring project (I like to color people's drawings). It was started in Gimp 2.6, but the vast majority of the work has taken place in 2.8.

I have to say, I absolutely love 2.8. I've been using Gimp pretty much exclusively for about four years now, and this update has been a long time coming. As much as I'd been looking forward to the layer folders/groups (I'm a web developer and often work with designers who prefer to just shove layers into folders instead of worrying about such banal things as using logical names or merging layers that could be merged), I'm surprised to find just how much more of a joy it is to use the single window mode.

On a dual monitor system, I used to just have the toolboxes on one and allow the image window to take over the other, but the biggest issue I had was that the windows' focus were independent from one another, so if Firefox was covering the toolboxes, clicking on the image wouldn't bring it forward. Single window mode, of course, fixes that, and since my monitors are wide-screen, I haven't really had a real-estate issue.

So yeah, The Gimp is definitely coming into its own, and it's definitely worth upgrading to it if you haven't already.